Waist Cincher – look fab pay less!

Ok girls!!! this one i wanted to try for a long time now, but the thing is this little babies are usually expensive and i was in deny (Do I really need waist control pants?)…  But anyway am approaching 30 so i most face the truth! now and then I can do with some extra help in the form of magic pants. Well this ones arent pants really, as they only cover the waist. Hanes Waist Cincher available at Target (USA) for only $14 plus tax is a bargain!!

They give you a lot of support without suffocating you ( you can still eat, drink, breath and go to the loo without effort as it only covers the waist) They are fab! I am really confable with them on and they disappear horrible lines on my back and they also disappear the belly button from popping through the light weight shirts ( As Kelly Osbourne once said in Fashion Police on E! belly button appearences are a no no)

So if like me you are a virgin when it comes to waist control pants and you wont want to spend a fortune, i recommend this little babies… perhaps later we can graduate into the heavy duty Spanx.



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