Anti-aging Serum from Origins

Origins Plantscription

Well so it seems there is a new anti-aging serum in town, the new Origins Plantscription all natural and promeses 0% irritation with an impressive 88% of the visible wrinkle-reducing power of a prescription. Call me a “non believer”  but they are never this accurate!! anyway I have given it a go and its texture is very nice and clean, non greasy and has a very light fruty scent that leaves skin super fresh and moistened.  You can get your samples on the Origins Facebook page while stocks last (one per customer) but that wont be enough for it to be used and tested for 4 weeks which is the time it takes to see visible results according to the label.  Nevertheless even if it doesn’t work as well as promised as an anti-ageing serum it works very well as a light moisturiser you can easily use on a daily basis. ( please note I am not saying it doesn’t perform, as I haven’t used it for 4 weeks)

I don’t really have any or much wrinkles (yet) so I am just testing my options but I believe products like this are meant to be used at first signs of wrinkles or they wont work,  at the moment I stick to Clinique but hey! if something better comes my way why not give it a go?





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