Clinique “Even Better – Dark spot corrector”

Clinique even better range comes in a serum for stubborn dark spots and skin in-corrections and a light cream (which I usually use before bed time) It is recommended to be used at least twice a day and you are supposed to see results after 4 weeks (don’t they all say the same?)

Anyway, I started using it in January (as this was one of Santa’s lil presents this year) and I most say my freckles are still in place (insert sad face here). I don’t see any mayor correction of dark spots in the form of freckles, however I do see a much more clearer complexion, lighter looking and glowing skin and a very even skin colour;  so it does work but it doesn’t correct freckles, hence I don’t think it would correct old dark scars much either.

I’ve been using the serum in the mornings and the cream at night time, they are basically the same thing its just a matter of intensity (apparently the serum is stronger)… The serum is non greasy but has that serum plastic texture and no scent, the cream on the other hand is slightly greasy like any other night cream which is why I don’t use it in the morning when I am going to apply make-up on top. You don’t need to buy both, one should do just fine.

I have also been using the scrub which is a total delight!  I love it, don’t use everyday I think about twice a week is good enough, you need to scrub to move away dead cells that make your skin look tired and aged, but over do it and you will end up with very dry skin.

The downside of the product? it doesn’t come cheap, or not as cheap as any other product you can find in your local chemist/pharmacy.




4 thoughts on “Clinique “Even Better – Dark spot corrector”

  1. yeah i have the serum and it worked to some extent. but idk if freckles can be corrected i thought they were permanent… idk maybe i’m wrong lol anyways great post. i’m having a give away on my blog if you like products from sephora 😉


    1. oooh I will definitely have a look, maybe I can review some after 🙂
      thanks for your comment..
      I had a tiny bit of hope left (regarding freckles) i guess ill just have to live with my “beauty spots” lol


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