Sally Hansen Perfect Nails ♥


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nails are making its appearance everywhere from celebrities to the next door neighbours… the truth is the designs are super cute and there is NO dry time, or nasty smells, but don’t let this argument buy you! because although there isn’t any dry time there is some lengthy measuring, cutting and sticking but if you have the patience you will end up with gorgeous nails and it would be cheaper than going for a Mani; The process is simple it just depends how good or bad you are with small things, you need to choose a size for your finger (just like fake nails) peel them off and stick them to your nail which is the tricky part as you don’t want any bubbles or imperfections here, and then you can use a file or emerald board to “cut” them to match your nail.. and there you go! amazing nails!

You can find them in most chemist/pharmacies for about $10 and they come in a range of colours and designs, I am not sure how much they cost in the UK but I hear you can find them at selected stores (such as Boots in London)

They are perfect for a girls night in as you might need a helping hand to put them on, they last about 10 days but of course that will depend on how much you use your hands for things such as the dreadful dishes.

Being a girl is being able to have fun! and these firlty designs will definetly make you the “IT” girl at work or uni or where ever your path leads you! making you look polished and sophisticated… give it a go!




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