A little Panty For You!

Isnt being a woman the greatest thing ever? (Apart from those few days every month lol)

we have variety… of shoes, of clothes, of men, of cocktails, and of yes knickers or panties too!


There is one or two out there for all shapes and types, and more importantly there is one for each occasion!


The classic brief or the Granny I guess you get to “like” this style as you grow older, the high-cut and the control to manage those curves. The hipster the bikini and the boyshorts are by far the most popular of them all, In the Uk the “lacey” boyshorts are known as “French Knickers” not sure why, but they are by far one of the sexiest little things ever! And then of course the tanga, the thong and the G-string each one of them more uncomfortable than the other in descending order, and in my opinion more teen oriented.

There is no doubt there is one for everyone and they are powerful tools as as little as one of this babies can drive men mad (as in crazy USA, not angry!)

So Boys and girls… Which one is your favourite?


Note: If you are looking for sexy check out Victoria Secret’s and Ann Summers (for super kinky) if you fancy something more sporty go for Hanes and American Eagle… If you want something modern and edgy go to H&M, forever 21 or La Senza and if you need Bridal Undergarments check out some more classy places such as Debenhams or Nordstrom (please note some of these shops/brands are American others are British)… If you have a bigger budget check Hanky Panky out!! 😉

Big colours this season? nautical and citrous shades.


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