A Good Boyfriend? Twitter Trends…

#AgoodBoyFriend Twitter trends..

So as I start the day thinking on what topics to discuss on my blog I come across the twitter trend #AGoodBoyFriend and I find hundreds of people posting what in their opinion should be the general accepted behaviour a  good boyfriend should display at all times, I see things such as

#agoodboyfriend will know you, trust you, love you, respect you, honor you, support you, want you, and appreciate YOU.”


#AGoodBoyfriend loves YOU & NOT what’s in between your legs.” 

Both tweets posted by men and currently at the top of the list; and its funny isn’t? how so many assume men are the first who don’t know what we expect from a man and yet are the ones displaying the top tweets and us females re-tweeting them.

Accurate or not, yes, society expects men and women to behave in a particular way or another, so I am writing my own list rather than tweeting it individually, here it goes..



I don’t know what a good or a bad boyfriend is for the whole of the population as expectations and opinions might change from one person to another and from one culture to another; For examp le I know from experience South American guys are far more devoted, yes I know what you non latino reader are thinking eh? Macho men devoted? But at least at the boyfriend level latinos tend to be more romantic, devoted and pay a lot of attention to detail (AS a general rule, doesn’t apply to all). Men in the UK seem to me to be more self absorbed and more independent in a relationship, or course that was MINE experience.

I wonder that type of boyfriend William has been to his royal forever waiting Kate bride to be?

Some interesting opinions rank from “will text you even if he is busy” to “will help  you achieve your goals” yo “will buy you an expensive bag”…….

So, there is no secret formula to a good boyfriend. If any a good boyfriend is one that fills all your expectations, shares your dreams and loves you for who you are… Oh and is great in bed but i guess that is also up to your expectations  😉




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