Baby Mamas.. Don’t Let Yourself Go!

As a young mother I still remember when my baby boy was born 5 and a half years ago, I was 24 still at university and  in a young marriage so everything was new, the “study while the baby sleeps”, the  motherhood, wifehood, home keeping-hood… all.

Anyway as I was walking in the park on Friday while I was doing a Lego photo shooting (if interested click on my Flickr account link at the end of the page) and I saw a few young couples walking their brand new babies in brand new buggies ( or strollers for my fellow Americans) and it suddenly hit me. Why oh why did the daddy’s look so fit and cute and the mothers so bad? Did I look like THAT when my baby was a newborn? and by THAT I mean mismatched clothing, dirty hair disguised in a pony tail, bad pedicure, tired looking skin.. and more.

If I did, then no wonder my marriage ended on a divorce! LOL

The truth is ladies, that although I been there, and done THAT baby nappy changing, breast milk extracting, baby sick cleaning, and sleep depriving fulfilling days,  while my then husband was having “an easy life” at work I believe its our duty as women, and note I say women and not mother or wife but as  women to take at least a few minutes a day for ourselves…

some TIPS are:

a. Carry an extra t-shirt for YOU on your baby’s nappy bag, nothing more off putting than having baby sick all over you.

b. Drink lots of water, scrub your face one a week and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, not only it will help you get back on pre-baby weight it also keeps your skin looking less tired.

c. Get your baby sound proof. Yes! I used to hoover with baby sleep. If you get your baby used to sleep through noise you know you can get on doing other stuff while the baby is sleep and you can get some extra mins for yourself.

d. One word, MOISTURISER. Dry skin makes you look old.

e. keep make-up simple and fresh, but don’t forget it completely.

f. keep nails short (for easier baby handling) but clean and if you want low maintenance only use a clear polish.

g. Be organized!!!!… the more the better, trust me you’ll have more “me time” at the end of the day.

Hope that helps a few new mamis, mums, moms or mams around!!

Remember yes you are a mother now, and yes your baby takes all your time and attention, but don’t forget who you were before baby came…




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