Have Fun With Your Nails!

Nails are a fashion accessory! and they are so versatile as you let them be, with so many amazing colours available in the market and at so many different prices its simply hard not to go for it!  check out the Sally Hansen salon effect review posted  further down for a MAX look or special day.

You can change or complete an outfit by colouring your nails, and summer is the best time to show off that mani and pedi… and to flaunt those super cute and bright summer tones…So why not combine different colours into one look? I saw it in a mag and I loved the idea so I combined 2 very fresh looking colours Wild Shine from Wet&Wild in Dreamy Poppy and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Green with Envy.

The result? an Easter inspired spring look!

And for those who think 30 means burgundy nails only (just like your mum use to wear)… YOU are so wrong!! be free, be young, be fresh! have fun with the colours and adventure into nail fashion, don’t over do it though!! some extreme acrylic nail art can look trashy! Less is best and stick to matte colours for this season.




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