Fashion Tips for Men…Get It Right Boys!

Well I did say a few weeks ago I was going to trough some sugar to the guys soon, so here it is….  don’t get use to it! LOL

I have seen so many fashion crimes by guys that is depressing! I most say I’ve seen more in America than I did in the UK (specially London guys tend to get it right when it comes to clothing) There is nothing more appealing and sexy than a guy that is not afraid of fashion and who knows that works for him, not all styles work for everyone… and since you guys are too lazy to read I am going to bullet point it for your understanding… here we go!

1. NO high waist Jeans please!!!  Stick to stonewashed or dark shaded jeans they are sophisticated yet they can be informal. Go for  jeans  that are low waist. Low waist jeans should sit on your hips. They should be slightly baggy but shouldn’t be so loose, I don’t want to see your underwear but neither do I want to see all tight around your front and back bits.

2. Use a belt. It can add to the outfit and ill make you look tidy, keep it real to the look though.

3.  MATCH your outfit! its not that hard to match a shirt to a pair of Jeans and to combine it all with the shoes (please clean shoes) the colour of your shoes should match your belt! and wearing all the tones of blue at once will only make you look like a Smurf! that is not matching!

4. Its OK to accessorize! a man with a watch gives always a good impression (no Cassio digital ones please, unless you are in high-school) Sun glasses most be right for your face shape, not every model suits everyone!!

5. Sandals with socks – not cute

6. Shorts with trainers and tall socks? – not sexy If you most wear shorts (do you? really?) be careful, length should be just under the knee cap and preferably wear only if you are going to the pool or the beach! and choose shoes carefully long crew socks are really off putting.

7. After-shave or perfume? yes please! we fall like bees to a flower, it can be a powerful tool but don’t over do it. Oh and guys? its OK to moisturise, please do! flaky, dry skin is not sexy!

8. Are you being sponsored by that brand? really I find it very high-school looking to have t-shirts with the brand name written all over it, are you trying to prove something there? Doesn’t work for me!

9. Keep nails clean and short! I don’t care if you play the guitar! Clean and short people!

10. Your shirts should slightly overlap your pants so that your stomach and waist are not exposed – try lifting your arms up, if you can see your stomach its too short. A short t-shirt can also make you look shorter as it divides your body further up giving you wrong proportions.

Hope that guides you boys a little!




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