LipColour Review Wet n’ Wild 905D

OK, Just a quick review about this bargain! a low priced  yet functional lipstick.. I was in need of some urgent pink-ness on my lips so I went into the first shop and got Wetn’Wild Mega Last lip colour shade number 905D at only $2.99 you will hardly have to brake your piggy bank and its totally worth a try. All the shades are semi-matte and bright( as in full colour no washed-out shades), runs smoothly with no stickiness and its supposed to last for hours ( It did considering I had lunch just after I applied the lipstick) .

The 905D is a hot pink  shade (refer to the picture of my lips)

I totally love it!!

But Beware if your lips are chipped or dry apply some balm first (or see my post on Lip Scrub for tips on how to keep lips looking kissable), as the Wetn’Wild Mega Last Lip Colour is quite dry…

Happy Smooching!!


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