Matched or Mismatched Underwear?

How do you wear your undies? Are you always matched or only match for special occasions when you know there is a chance your underwear will be on display (for like 2secs, but displayed nevertheless) Or are you a revel and wonder life being mismatched?

I rarely match, simply because I own more panties than bras… Its just impossible to macth all the time, of course I also have a special 2 or 3 matched little numbers (which lately are just collecting dust in the draw – thanks to online dating fiasco lol)

anyway enough about me!! let me introduce you to the French Lingerie brand UNDIZ. Totally revel, totally brilliant, totally mismatched but so girly and feminine in a punk way you will immediately fall in love with at least one of their little pieces!check them out at their web (unless you live in France and can just pop into the shop) I haven’t seen any shops in the south of thr U.S of A …….

You can mix and match or should I say mismatch as you please! and as always you can use as an inspiration elsewhere……..

Love it! pure punk rock n roll babes…




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