Summer Fun!!

Hello! am back in business and with that no punt intended! Been away a few days for gruelling finals,  (doing an MBA) but hopefully now I can concentrate on the blog a little more during summer, although I will have to balance the blog writing with the madness of the kid being off school while I do some online courses and keep him entertained so please bear with me!

So.. Suggestions for toddler-preschooler summer fun?

The Zoo is a must without a doubt, ice cream making with fabulous summer flavours such as strawberries and cream and mango sorbet!,  museum exploring, karate lessons (release the energy lol) , cupcake baking with lots of scrumptious buttercream, swimming pool slashing, canvas painting, bubble making, picture taking, chalk doodleing, lake walks and maaaybe beach trips and water parks!!!

Don’t you just love summer? specially “special” when you have kids! yes it can be a bit chaotic at times (even more if you have more than one child – granted!) but with all its sugary stickiness and little painted hand prints they are truly the best time to spend time with your little ones, so make the most of it, because next summer they will be older, and older and older and soon enough hanging out with you will be the last thing on their priority list! so then… then you can just sit at the pool side and enjoy margaritas while keeping an eye on “Fabio” the pool boy lol…





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