Writing to Heal – Loving a Drug Addict

Sorry to every one of my lovely readers I know I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, I have just been working on a book, yes a book i am writing a book about a broken love story which is very near to my heart. Its been emotional and fun at the same time. Not sure if FUN is the right word but at least i have been able to release a lot of accumulated energy and hopefully the story can be useful for many women out there… all I need now is a publisher!

anyone? any contacts? am looking for a publisher in the UK. I know a few in Spain but my book is written in English hence UK is my first choice as the story is based in UK anyway.

has anyone out there been in love with a drug addict? if so did you walked away or stayed until the end? My book is based on the daily struggles a woman has to suffer after falling deeply in love with a drug addict and realizing sometimes walking away is the hardest thing to do, yet is the only choice… but walking away doesn’t mean you stop loving, neither do you stop feeling.

I have a lovely illustrator working with me for the cover of the book Julietnys Rodriguez, hopefully she can capture the nature of the story in one colourful and expressive drawing using impressionism as the main technique and combining mellow colours to reflect the story. Looking forward to it!




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