Rapture Fashion

As many got ready for the Rapture (for those lucky few who didn’t get to hear about it it was supposed to have been doomsday according to some fanatic Christian who obviously misread the bible again – and p.s: where the hell where you if you didn’t hear about it?) It was meant to happen on Saturday 21st of May 2011, at 6pm. One of the big questions was 6pm on which time zone? some argued it was USA EST time others such as myself had a theory that it would start in the UK Greenwich time, nevertheless we are still here so the rupture never happened, unless it did happen and the vast majority of the worlds population have sinned so badly we remain in earth.

Either way it made me think, what would/should you wear for the “End of the World”? I mean after all it would be our last day so we might as well make an effort!

Jeans and trainers, the informal weekend look is not a bad choice specially if you have to run around  hysterically  around fires, earthquakes and zombies… while it might not create the  “dress to impress” look we might want to pull out for the big date with God it might delay our sudden departure to heaven by keeping you on your feet for longer and giving you the advantage of flexibility around bushes and sharp corners.

Dress and heels, well  I considered this look for a long time, I mean dresses may seem dressy but in reality they are the laziest option as you don’tt have to worry about matching and pairing just through a dress on and voila! ready to party I mean ready for apocalypse! no need to wear a handbag, but please accesorize its a big event! look your best! the only issue i have with this look is that not all of us can walk fast or walk in heels so it might be an slight inconvenient in the event of an earthquake, not so bad for floods as you can swim perfectly fine in heels.

Sporty, tracksuit……. avoid at all cost as you might be mistaken for a charv and your chances for heaven might be ruined.

smart shots +blazer or the playsuit, oh! interesting choice not only trendy and totally adequate for summer but comfortable   and it can be either dressed up or down for the occasion also you can wear with sandals, flip flops, flats, heels or converse trainers so its adaptable to terrain and natural disaster occasion and to your running abilities!

oh quick note:  makeup don’t over do the mascara and wear water-proof versions of it as crying and sweating might occur and mascara dripping down your face its not a pretty last site for anyone.

…So there you have it, how to prepare for the Rupture or well any zombie invasion, end of the world event in the near future… now remember the next one in the calendar is on 21st of December 2012 so that would be winter……… and we will have to review the case!



P.S: please note this has been done for recreational reasons in light of the sarcasm the whole rapture (or lack of it) has created around the world.


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