Nair® Shower Power® Max

Ah! summer days… legs out, bikinis on and………. shaving everyday at least for me, I was cursed that way! But shaving everyday can not only be consuming but sometimes can leave the skin irritated so i have been on the look for a shaving cream for ages, I have used many other brands before but some aren’t strong enough for me ( Latinas… good lucking but lets face it, we are hairy LOL) So when i saw this new product or at least new for me i went and gave it a try.

Nair® Shower Power® Max comes with a little sponge which I find rather useless, its easier to spread the cream with your hands, gives it a better even layer and it seems like too much goes to waste while using the sponge, so I applied with my hand all over my leg (DON’T rub it in) and waited for about a minute before getting into the shower as it said on the instructions, I do think I waited a bit over a minute. Anyway it does stay put under the shower as long as the water doesn’t fall directly and with force over the area; After two minutes I did feel a burning sensation all over my legs, but I was brave, because beauty is pain and waited for the remaining minute then i used a normal scrubbing sponge ( not the one provided) and i removed the cream off my legs.

The result? Amazing! all the hairs gone in three minutes and trust me its not usually that easy with other hair removers I’ve tried before so A- for this one. Yes A- and not A+ because the burning sensation lasted a while even after I removed the product, washed and applied moisturising cream, so BEWARE if you have sensitive skin try first on a small area of your body just in case!!!

Overall smooth, hairless legs ready for summer!




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