Book Review: Wings & Spells by Aprilynne Pike

I few months ago I was on a mission to find an easy going, fresh yet intense book to read and I found Wings by Aprilynne Pike more by accident than intention. I was mesmerized by the freshness of the otherwise clichés of supernatural characters in the story ( no wolfs, no vamps.. how refreshing) These book are really intended for young adults but I find it rather invigorating to indulge on some of this intense love stories now and then (As I did with the twilight saga – guilty)

Anyway Pike has captured a beautiful, delicate story combined with action and adventure which is not to be missed by young adults and more mature audiences such as myself addicted to mystical and magic creatures such a Fairies. Pike opens a new dimension to “faire land” with a different approach to the origins of the species and gives a magical inside to their nature. Spells, the second book on the series is just as magical but with a twist of a love triangle and less high pitch adventure… I am yet to read Illusions, which is the third and I believe last of the series, it is wonderful how Harry Potter opened a new phase in book reading/writing and nowadays many authors feel compelled to write all this “more than one book stories” which keep the audiences always wanting more.

Overall an extremely girly magical adventure, perfect summer reading!




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