Invisible Lines: “Boy”friend or just “Seeing Each Other”

Ok I know I am nearly 30 years old (shhh) and I probably should know this things, but consider I was “out of the market” for a few years while being married (now, divorced and ready to date) I find my self pondering on some elemental dating rules.

When do you know you are something more than just “seeing each other”? when you know you have crossed that phased and you are “Officially” with someone? I know yes, it might be very highschool of me to ask but I do assume the rules change when you are over 25, right?

Relationships at this age are less taboo and the sex is meant to be better and in theory it should be far easier to get dis-attached yourself from each other and not become needy (as teenagers do) after all we all have busy lives and other responsibilities at this age (right?)

Adult dating is so much fun I think, after you sort of get the hang of it; as there are less inhibitions, taboos and limitations both mentally, economically  and physically and usually by this stage we know our wants, needs and limitations as well as ourselves far better than we did at 18 (although we used to think we knew it all, now we know we knew nothing lol)

SO it comes back to the original question… When does one know? and is there any “rule” to it, if anything? or do we have to have the talk teenage style? Or perhaps it all comes down to previous experiences and our ability to compromise to someone even at not such a great level?

I shall let you all know, when I know the answer…




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