Book Review: The Poison Tree, Erin Kelly

Recently I went to London, for a week of well, London madness. Although I manage to leave before the riots started,London is always a colourful display of characters, music, personalities and food. I loveLondon, but I most confess I can only handle it for small periods of time, perhaps am too much of a north east lass…

Anyway on my way back from London, while I waited in the chaotic and over crowded Heathrow airport international departures lounge, I got myself a bacon buttie, and an elderflower cordial and contemplated the idea of getting a new book to keep myself amused for the 10hours flight ahead of me. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, so as I browsed the shelves of YA (Young adult) books I felt particularly attracted I most say, by the cover and the title of one particular book. Poison Tree, by Erin Kelly. I didn’t know the author but hey! Why not? It had a yellow sticker on front of it with a good review and it was on my budget (I only had a ten pound note left and I didn’t want to use any of the dollars, nor my card for that matter)  

It took me around 2 weeks to finish the book, which by my standards is a little bit long ( Other books have been gone in less than a week); it wasn’t one of those books that I had the need to run to whenever I wasn’t reading it, but as soon as I started to read it each time I was hooked on it for hours, until tiredness beat me ( I mostly read at night, before bed)

 The Poison Tree captures London in all its grandiosity; the streets, the underground, the unpredictable weather, the people. I think if you don’t know London you can’t savour the book in the same way as you mind find yourself lost in roads you know little off, but on the other hand if you do, or even if you have vaguely  been throught its streets, you can see yourself immersed in the story from beginning to end. It is extremely descriptive, to the point  would secretly jump a few lines now and then– I am impatient. There is also a sudden darkness to it all, from the beginning you know there is something slightly wrong about the characters, something will end badly for sure.  You just can’t put your finger on it.

There is love; many types of love all concentrated towards someone who surely doesn’t deserve it, yet is not a love triangle (which is quite refreshing) and then there are lies. The story is entangled with a web of lies that run in every direction corrupting its characters to the point of no return.

The Poison Tree is dramatic, dark and unique. The Poison Tree is dense, rich in emotions and poisoned by sacrifice. I loved it! Although if it had been me I would have omitted a few sentences here and there, it is overall a fantastic work of art. All hail British young writers – hopefully one day my book will be anywhere near books like The Poison Tree displayed in shelves all over the world.




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