Book Review: Children of the Lost Moon

So while I was wondering what to read next before the start of the new semester of Masters, I found by accident or by destiny a new (or new to me anyway) author – Gabrielle Blue a.k.a Teresa Jones & Cherryl Ganzel as she describes on her book Children of the Lost Moon.

I know very little about their or her background (wait, is it one or two authors or is it a real one and her alter ego?) I don’t know but little does it matter for what you get is purely brilliant down to the core.

Children of the Lost Moon is en essence very YA (Young Adult) It offers an array of emotions in an intense  supernatural way that leaves your head spinning (in a good way) and wanting  more.

I was fairly impressed, as it had me at the first chapter.

There are some similarities to many other recent YA books I’ve read, but I guess clichés sometimes gives of comfort by reinforcing myths. It is obvious that the author(s) either have a vast knowledge of Fencing (the sport, not making fences) or lots of research was done in the subject as the whole fencing experience is described in detail; I am not familiar with the sport but the way in which the book was written allows you not only to understand, but to immerse yourself in the whole fencing world.

Children of the Lost Moon contain all the elements for a good thrill. The high school environment, the friends, the lonely teenager and the dashing hot supernatural young man who comes to the rescue of the girl’s previously dull ways (sounds familiar?) nevertheless is the execution of the story what makes it impossible to stop reading. It’s catching, it’s certainly entertaining and it contains both love and action.

 I was left wanting more. More of its intoxicating love, more of its passages through Florida, more of its hot humid days and more of the characters involved, and not only the main Savannah and Luke, but more about the mysterious yet malicious Emma, I would like to see her blossom and to explore on her past in order to understand more her cruel ways.

 To all YA lovers I recommend The Children of the Lost Moon.




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