Book Review: “Bone Dressing” Michelle Brooks

Well ok here I go with my last summer review; I found yet again another fabulous author on twitter, Michelle Brooks, and her book Bone Dressing. WOW! yes, Bone Dressing with a name like that what can you expect?

Certainly a modern thriller.

Bone Dressing is indeed dark in nature, sarcastic in essence and intriguing in spirit. It contains the main elements of a YA plot, the troubled girl, the dashing hot (and perhaps supernatural) guy and a few mysteries down the way.

Its dialogues are incredibly well written which makes you get “inside” the story, but not necessarily understand its characters; you get to savour the main character’s inner anger, yet I don’t quite get why Syd, the not-so-common-damsel-in-distress, is so angry! She definitely has issues and she is  not scared of showing them; Syd has some genuinely masculine traits in her and some rather doubtful inclinations at times.  

The plot is filled with interesting twists that keep you on your toes, and althought its bitter sweet it leaves you with a rather nice aftertaste.

This book, not for the faint hearted. I recommend Bone Dressing for those seeking their inner darker side, those who believe in past lives and of course for those who like YA reading. (its not a genre reserved for young adults, you know)

 Anyway grab a book and get reading!!

Lets “Fall into Autumn” and get some books aligned for the new season.




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