From People to the People – Houstonian Charm

                       Lydia Baerhr & Staff.


Recently I attended a PR seminar given by Lydia Baehr at the University of St.Thomas, Houston. To my surprise it turns out that like me, she once sat in the same classrooms and took the same classes. Several years ago Lydia Baehr graduated from the UST. With an inclination towards arts and impeccable writing skills, Lydia found herself in the world of PR. She initially pursed an internship for the Museum of Fine arts, Houston with hopes that she could combine both passions into one. Things didn’t go according to plan and she ended up as an intern for the Houston Symphony. Lydia’s dream was that she wanted to both work and in her own words “have a life.” Tired of the never-ending and unsatisfactory journeys to downtown, sitting in cubicles and getting on elevators as part of her strict routine, she decided to embark on her own mission and open her own PR firm. In 2006 Lydia Baehr Public Relations opened its doors to Houston. LBPR has worked with recognized organizations and brands throughout Houston that include but are not limited to The Society for the Performing Arts, The Rat Pack, The Children’s Museum of Houston, Miller Outdoor Theatre, the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, The Health Museum, the 2011 Senior Games and Uptown Houston.

What is different about LBPR? For starters the firm is made by people for people.  Don’t expect any standardized formats or rigid plans, LBPR has a highly professional yet laidback approach that consists of individuality, flexibility and control (without the market rigidity)

“You can always find something for each client” Lydia said during the seminar. Meaning it’s about the client and for the client. Their PR strategies depend on their client’s individual needs. LBPR’s young and cool approach allows them to utilize creativity and the sparkle shows in their work. From the graphics for the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center’s collateral material* to the videos of their interns shown on their YouTube channel, LBPR shows that perfection doesn’t have to come with over exaggerated sophistication, nor 24/7 stilettos. Perfection can come from small offices embedded in Houston’s Montrose area with washing machines on their patios.

Lydia Baehr’s fresh approach has no limits. They are technology savvy risk takers. “You need to stay up on technology and trends” Sarah Pendley who works at LBPR said. “We needed new business cards and after brainstorming we came up with an idea.” A few weeks later their new business cards had a QR code. “QR codes are barcodes that are readable by QR readers available on smartphone’s and webcams with the appropriate software. The information encoded in a QR code frequently leads to a URL, website, (sic) that is detected once the code is scanned.” So basically with the touch of a button, the client can have direct access to a particular webpage, in this case the PR firm’s page.  Now that is pioneering.

“There isn’t a typical day in PR” Lydia stated, which means staying up to date with current events, social media and technology are indispensable while working in the PR industry. A key skill to succeed? Writing and making your material available for the media 24/7, which is why LBPR has an online press room with pictures of their clients available for external parties to use. Things to avoid? Mistakes which create delays for journalists and give you a bad name. Top tip? Keep clip books for clients so you can show them everything you have done for them (as a tool of measurement). They like knowing, seeing and feeling you worked hard for and with them.

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