Vending Machine – Health Nightmare

Health – Top six Things to Avoid Buying from a Vending Machine

We have all been there. Staring in front of the vending machine salivating, wishing it takes our creased dollar notes, and wanting to devour snacks on a crazy eating frenzy that would leave the cookie monster to shame. Ok maybe am exaggerating, but we have all been tempted to grab a thing or two from the vending machine now and then.

Have you ever considered how unhealthy many of these treats are? Let’s just explore into the unknown and discover really how much junk we are eating each time we give into temptation:

According to different sources your number one Vending Machine enemy are: Cookies! Yes, sorry cookie monster but vending machine cookies are one of the biggest offenders packing on average a whooping 300 calories, 14grams of fat and 20grams of sugar, I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Next on the “bad choice” list are of course Candy Bars (think Snickers Bar) with 266 calories, 11grams of fat, 37grams of carbohydrates and 28grams of sugar per bar! Apparently many of us think of a snickers bar as the equivalent of having a meal on the go, but in reality it lacks many of the essentials of a good meal and although it does boost energy is mainly a sugar rush than actual energy, which proper food provide. The third place goes to Snack Cakes such as Hostess Cakes Suzy Q’s Chocolate with cream filling; yes sounds rather tempting during gruelling study hours doesn’t it? But snack cakes such as the one mentioned contain an average of 230 calories, 9grams of fat, 35grams of carbohydrate, and 21grams of sugar, do you know how long you have to even walk on a tread mill to get rid of 230 calories (hurts even more when it was all consumed in one bite or two). This next one is sad; it’s a sad to realise such a nice tasting fast breakfast fix is actually so unhealthy. Yes, Breakfast Pastries such as Pop Tars. One little frosted strawberry pop tart contains as much as 200 calories, 45grams of fat and 16grams of sugar so basically you just boots your sugar up to super high levels only for it to fall down to the ground a few hours later at the most. Next we move on to the savouries. Chips such as Doritos Nacho Chessier not only packed with food coloring but fat; one pack of Doritos Nacho Cheesier contains 140 calories, 7grams of fat and 17grams of carbohydrates. When going for chips it might be better to stick to the baked versions, they have less fat hence healthier and keep an eye on those nasty trans-fat. And last but not least sodas (full sugar); Sodas contain a extremely high levels of sugar which can not only make you gain weight but it can also affect blood vessels and some suggest causes that dreaded cellulite around your tights. Sodas contain on average 27grams of sugar which is what makes them a bad choice; stick to bottled water, iced tea and fruit juices (not from concentrate) when buying a drink from a vending machine they are a healthier option without a doubt.

Good choices? Sure there are a few good choices, bottled water, baked chips, dried fruit, nutrition bars, nuts, yoghurt, tea and pretzels are some. And perhaps taking a trip to the gym twice a week? Just saying!

Jihane Rodriguez

Sources: Best and Worst Vending Machine Snacks; 10 Snacks to Avoid from the Vending Machine; Giving in to the munchies in the least ugly way. Fitness Magazine 10 Healthy (and 10 Terrible) Vending Machine Snacks –

Article written for The Summa Newspaper September 2011. 


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