What I learnt in 2011

What did I learn in 2011?

This year has been a year of reflection. Reflecting upon my behaviour and others, reflection upon our society in deep disturbance and awakening (with the Arab spring, the death of Osama and the London Riots) it has been a year of learning and mostly of healing. I have learnt to accept other for who they are. Who is anyone to judge others based on their own perception of right and wrong and self imposed boundaries of conduct? Who is anyone to tell me I am wrong in my decisions? We all perceive life in our own way and for me the road to happiness is to come to terms that you, or he or they are not necessarily going to share my point of view yet they can respect it. That is my new moto, do not judge, respect others because after all we don’t always know “where they are coming from” on their reasoning. I learnt about communication. I learnt about psychology. I learnt photography. I learnt about blogging.

I learn that I am not in many ways the same as my parents. I have my very own views on the world, on society and on life as a whole. We do however share the same values; after all they brought me up to be the woman I am today. In that same sense I hope my son isn’t the same as me and he as well has the strength of personality to build upon life and whatever future brings for him.  I learnt I can forgive. I learnt I know how to be happy and I just have to follow the path my heart desires.

I learnt I can write! And I went through the wonderful experience of writing a book, one of my life goals. I still want to write many more. I learnt I can adapt. I was reminded of how much of a romantic I am and that I am not in search of a perfect love, nor a perfect man. It is the imperfections that make us grow, and is the imperfections that make a moment stay in us forever; it’s just down to finding someone who you love imperfections included.  I learnt real friends are forever no matter the distance, and fake friends are just a moment in our life. I found or I think I found my career path for the first time since I graduated.  I learnt to give America a go. I learnt I love England and that I will return. I learnt I am more Geordie than I thought.

I learnt to live fully and completely with a smile in my heart. If you hurt me, it’s your bad; Ill just keep smiling.  I was reminded that there isn’t anything better than a cuddle from my son. I learnt to be content in my own body but allow improvements and beyond all I found my confidence again. I learnt I AM STRONG.

I learnt to be me again. A mature me, approaching 30 – but looking 24 ;). I learnt something’s never change and others change too much.


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