Spring Break Fun – Kids

There is absolutely no doubt that spring break can be stressful for parents and kids alike. Panic attacks at the thought of not having anyone to look after your kids or not having any activities planned if spending the time off with them. Been there, done that and survived it!

The Lorax

For me childhood should be a celebration of all things magic and creative, is that only time in life in which we are truly free to imagine, to express and to feel (at least in most western society homes) so I try to make it an everyday experience for my little boy (who turned six not long ago.)

Spring break has been our little time to bond (even more as it’s only us two, no dad around) It has been a time to experience Houston at its best, rain and all included. We started our week by going to the cinema to watch The Lorax. To my astonishment it seems like many other parents had the same idea; it was sold out! So I had to migrate to a different cinema on a different screening time, but “Oh my” it was forth it! if you haven’t done so yet you must go and watch this amazing Dr.Seuss story. The colourful characters, the intricate detail of the animation and the wonderful story of conservation and good willing will not only give you an hour of entertainment but it will inspire you and your kids to go and at least plant a tree later that day. I loved it! And so did my fuzzy six year old boy and as we left the cinema I heard and old man saying “I am 65 years old and even I enjoyed it with my grand kids” To me it also open the door to an environment conversation with my son who is now very careful of not over using napkins and colouring paper.

Day two: we head to down-town Houston to The Discovery Green – an inner city oasis of green spaces, little cafes, a playground, an artificial lake and a water area for the kids ( the kind that shoots water through little spouts now and then) Ok so again, many parents seem to have the same idea in mind because it was packed! Parking was a bit of a challenge but not impossible and after a short walk to the park we were at the “Foam Party”.  I must admit it was a little messy at the interception of the foam and the grass in which the ground had turned the foam a nasty tone of green and brown and some kids walked barefoot. Thankfully my son had some “water socks” and we walked our way into the foam ring. It was fun, it was slippery, slightly wet and overcrowded but we had fun.  After that we had a much needed and quiet(er) picnic on the side of the lake and some refreshing snow cones.

Foam Party @ DIscovery Green

As for the rest of the Spring Break days I have no idea yet. But I already purchased tickets to visit the Blue Bell Ice Cream  factory just outside Houston – the tour includes an ice cream which is always a bonus when accompanied by a child.

A few ideas for all parents out there in Houston: visit the Houston Children’s Museum they are hosting a foam party tomorrow (March 14th) in celebration of Pi (3,14) and Einstein’s Birthday and they always have cool events for kids all ages plus they have the “Water Works” station outside which gives kids endless hours of water fun. The Houston zoo, located next to the Miller Theatre is always a fun option and it’s educational too but make sure it isn’t too hot that day and take plenty of drinks – it can get very hot and humid.  Spring Break Art Week is taking place all week at the Discovery Green. The farmer’s market is on March 14th you can always head there get some lovely fresh fruit and veg with your kids and make a fun colourful fresh salad with them or bake an apple pie, yoghurt granola and fresh fruit or any other fresh snack or meal.

One thing is for sure Houston is a city that offers a lot for adults and kids alike – Don’t miss it out! Head to town and have a wonderful spring break. Remember childhood only happens once make sure you are there to live it with your kid!!

Have fun!!


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