Questioning Beliefs – Religion

So I went to St. Patrick’s Day Mass. It felt wrong – somehow – The ceremony itself has reinforced my questions and ideas about religion… It must be true “knowledge is faiths worst enemy”. I grew up Roman Catholic. I went to a private Roman Catholic School and I complied with every “rite of passage” that a catholic must pass through. I was baptised, I did my holy communion, I did my confirmation and I did go to church regularly during my teen years.

I am 29 years old now and my views on religion have changed with the years. I studied in an informal manner many of the old testaments and religious books as well as many religious events that shaped Catholicism. I was able to distinguish myself from Christians, Protestants, The Church of England and many other religions present in the North East of England today. I watched every National Geographic program about the holy books, the life of Jesus, Jesus Tomb, and I heard all the theories and I found the more information I gather, the more I questioned all the knowledge that had been injected straight into my belief system from an early age. I had been made a Roman Catholic by the views imposed by the society in which I grew, yet I felt none of it made sense when evaluated with broader eyes.

I then realized I believed in God, yet I did not believe in the Church. The Roman Catholic Church with its core in the Vatican represents for me nothing but years of rotten bureaucracy embedded in history. Many now judge Muslims for using religion to justify destruction – and yes it is bad, even worse in the eyes of the western society of today – But what about the killing, rape and injustice that Catholicism brought to “The Americas” when the conquistadors arrived?

The reality is many men have been killed in the name of religion.

Yet this post is not to ponder over that but to explain why I find the rituals of Catholicism so illogical. First the Bible was written by men. Men in a patriarchal society. Men who wanted to control society. For that reason alone the Bible (for me) is a great story book and a great way to study and understand the men and society of the time, yet I cannot take the Bible as the word of God because for starters God did not write the Bible himself (or herself for that matter). The bible (again, in my opinion) is a great manifestation of Roman rhetoric writing – a set of well written metaphors. I cannot accept those stories as facts merely because it would imply the use of “magic” and as a child growing up in a Roman Catholic school one is told many times religion and magic do not mix.

Because magic and religion do not mix, I find it rather hypocritical for one to believe that the Bible is a compilation of true factual events. Religion in my opinion has been used as a weapon by entities of power (mainly governmental) to control the masses; a way for them to give limitations and a way for them to justify their acts against society.  “You shall not kill” made it an immediate sin and a crime – hence a double crime for that matter- to take someone’s life. It allowed control of people’s “souls” and their moral grounds. By all means some of this control was needed in order to create organized societies able to work in harmony creating economies of scale and eventually becoming what we are today. Yet I find it an insult to my intellect to live believing in sins, and even worse to believe a mere mortal man can overrule “God’s” sentence by listening to my sins and cleaning me of all guilt by reciting  poems in sets of three or four (some call it praying)

And why do Roman Catholic Priests must abstain of all sexual activity. Why must they be deprived from having families of their own to serve God? Serve! That word itself “serve”! Why must we serve? why not collaborate? Work together in harmony for the greater good of humans and animals alike.

Then there is the eternal question. Who is God? Is there only one or many Gods? I mean why would a superior being be alone in the universe, why not have equally superior companions? And if he is all good and almighty why have us praise him and give him offerings to justify our existence?  Can we – the human society – be so egocentric to actually believe we are the only ones in the whole universe?

It just doesn’t make sense to me to think of God in this way.

I could go on for hours with this topic, but as a last thought I am only going to give you three words: Ancient Astronaut Theory…

Blasphemy?  Not in my view.



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