Foundation me Perfect

It’s been a long time since I have reviewed a product on my blog but this one really impressed me and I feel compelled to share it with everyone else. As we know (or not) I have reached the age of 30! i am middle aged-ish (ish because I intend to live beyond 60 lol) anyway taking this into account I was looking for a new foundation to meet my “aging” skin needs. The foundation I had before in liquid version was way too greasy and was blocking my pores, and slipping away after just a few hours. The effect on pictures was horrible, was making me look older and greasy.  The one before that was too pasty and cakey, and although it provided great cover I always ended up looking doll like and not natural at all.

So it was time to find something new.

And there I was, wondering through vast the aisles of makeup at my local store which we all know can be rather distracting, with so many products competing for our attention. Anyway there I was when I saw this new – or at least new to me – concept of air foam foundation. Interesting I thought, and very appropriate for the hot summer days coming ahead, soI gave it a go; I bought Mabelline Dream Nude Air Foam. Tip: shake the little can before you apply, my first attempt without shaking gave me a handful of colourless foam.  Also you must apply to your hand a small amount of the product and work it from there. It is super light but has excellent cover, unlike some other mousses I had tried before. Mabelline Dream Nude Air Foam runs smoothly over your skin concealing all imperfections. I love it! I wasn’t expecting much from it at first as I have been disappointed by so many foundations over the last months but this one is a keeper. Perfect natural finish and impeccable cover.  I also purchased the Dream LUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer to go with it and boy they make a great duo.

The Dream LUMI Touch Highlighting Concealer does exactly what it says on the label. It illuminates your skin on those darker areas that might need an extra boost. I used it under my eyes and on the corner of my eyelids, as well as on the corners on my lips. It comes with a handy little brush – very much alike those that come with some lip-glosses – allowing you to spread the right amount on the right place. You can also use your fingers to diffuse the effect. It runs smoothly, fragrance free and it’s non greasy. Overall this two products will give you very good coverage without cake-ing your face; you get a very natural look and radiant complexion. They come in a range of different tones to accommodate your skin colour and are very affordable. I say give it a go!

Tip: when looking for foundation always try to get a yellowish tint in it. It makes your face look warmer and gives it a little glow, which you can also improve by using a little bronzer. But go easy on the bronzer!

Happy Summer Skin!

Keep an eye open for more summer skin tips coming soon.




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