Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

So, if you are a woman and you haven’t heard about this book, something is terribly wrong. Ok maybe not but almost everyone has heard of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L James by now. The controversial book has been banned from public libraries across the nation for its explicit content. So, I being the little rebel that I am, decided to read the book as soon as I heard the word BANNED. In a recent conversation someone described the book as “an orgasm in every page”… I wouldn’t go as far as to say in every page but there are certainly a lot of orgasms in this novel; each one of them explained with unshakable detail.

Fifty Shades of Grey is extremely erotic and explicit in nature and should not be read by the faint hearted. It seems to be directed to women as the story is narrated from the female’s point of view and it idolizes the male character, very much a like “Twiglight” does, minus the supernatural element. Puritans and extreme religious people who cannot handle hotness served on an ink platter should abstain from reading this book. Other more adventurous people please join in and let the sensual, pseudo porn literature begin.

Fifty shades of Grey offers a way to explore into the dark side of psychologically disturbed sex yet it comes (no pun intended) with a few hints of sweetness and devotion. The male character is disturbed without a doubt and it becomes an obsession for the reader to find out more and more of his past. The male character is intoxicating, charming and controlling and in his imperfection lays perfection only possible in novels and books alike. The heavy sexual content doesn’t start until chapter eight or so and it continues in a roller coaster motion towards the end to the book. To be honest it gets a bit too much at times or perhaps I simply don’t have what it takes to sustain hard core (errm no pun indented, again) quantities of erotic activity in a row. Perhaps there is some supernatural in the book after all – as it is to me a mystery how these two never cease their thirst for each other and go on, and on and on… moans included. I am afraid some women will look at their partner with disappointment (or perhaps with relief) after they read E.L James’s book and consequently the Fifty Shades trilogy. ( Oh yes! A threesome… I mean, three books of Mr Gray and Miss Steele’s saucy encounters)

Nevertheless I have some issues with the writing style. The book is amateurish and repetitive and it has an overly elaborated vocabulary (at times). It seems like the author sat with a GRE vocab book while writing this story; real people simply don’t express themselves as the two main characters of this book do. I get it, it makes it seem more sophisticated, mysterious even, and it brings out the whole dominant v submissive vibe out and into perspective. Yet I found it annoying at times even if I did understand the words because incidentally I studied for the GRE not long ago. It is by no means a “great book” in terms of content nor quality, yet sex sells and this is an exquisite example of that.

So as a summary, what to expect from Fifty Shades of Grey? Explicit sexual and psychologically disturbed sex combined with moments of bi-polarity mixed in a semi-romantic story full of ups and downs. Mystery and over pomposity. Desire and lust. Gallantry and corrupted innocence. Charm and foul language. Gags, orgasms, moans and an array of “firsts” (you will understand the latter after you read the book) Fifty Shades of Grey is an addictive story and I promise you won’t be able to put the book down until the last page, wanting for more… Fifty Shades Darker. Unless you can’t take it, and instead run to the hills after you reach chapter eight and never come back to it again.

Either way I’ll say it’s worth it, it keeps you entertained but you have been warned.

I shall come back with a review for Fifty Shades Darker in the next few weeks..




4 thoughts on “Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Great review! I haven’t read the book yet, but I have heard some criticism about the quality of the writing. And I have heard from others that they loved the characters, either because lf or in spite of the sex scenes. This is in my “to read” queue.


    1. Thanks Sandra! I think Fifty Shades is one of those books one has to read, even if only to talk about it later … Let me know what you think after you read it.


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