Smoothie Mania! Detox

Its summer!!

Bikini, sun, margaritas, BBQ’s and trips over to water parks (if you have kids) time!!  Oh yes summers can be fun and relaxing but also stressful depending on your lifestyle. Nowadays we live in such a fast paced world that we hardly have any time at all to eat properly. Junk food, hectic life and overworking can lead us not only looking tired by also full of toxins. Yes, toxins accumulate in your body over time and can cause a series of things as small as acne and as bad as stress, far accumulation and cardiac diseases.

So… the solution?  Watch what you eat! And give your body a boost with some delish and healthy smoothies.

Green Smoothie

My favourite right now is from @iowagirleats (check her out on twitter, lots of fantastic healthy eating ideas)… the “Not-healthy tasting” Healthy Green Monster Spinach Smoothie. Its silky smooth, sweet (without adding any sugar or honey) and marvellous! It tastes like a none healthy milkshake but is packed with protein and vitamins…

Ingredients:  makes 1 large glass

Half a banana

Small pot of greek yogurt (plain or with honey)

A handful of baby spinach

A small spoonful of peanut butter

And milk – you can use skimmed, almond milk, soy milk…

She recommends on her blog to use frozen banana slices, i used a fresh room temperature banana but i added a few ice cubes. Blend it all together and get ready to have a party in your tummy!

This little baby has 10g of fibre and 21g of protein. It is for me the perfect on the go power breakfast!

Other smoothies I have been enjoying are for detox such as the Green Apple, Celery Smoothie. It is very fresh for a hot summer afternoon and it’s full of antioxidants and vitamins. It also helps your body to get rid of toxins.

Ingredients:  makes 1 large glass

Half a green apple

Half a cucumber (I don’t peel it but is up to you)

A celery stick

Some people add some cilantro or coriander too, but the taste can be powerful so just add a little bit and stick to the fresh stuff.

Add water and ice and blend well until smooth. Serve on a glass and give it a few minutes to rest. I take mine with a strawberry to eat and the end, helps especially if you don’t like your greens. This smoothie is practically calorie free as the celery and the cucumber have virtually no cals.

And last but not least, to change the colour of things I have the Blackberry Cress Smoothie. Its a mix of fresh blackberries, watercress and lemon. Again good for detox and an excellent source of antioxidants.


A handful of blackberries ( I use fresh but you can use frozen too)

A handful of fresh watercress

A tiny spoonful of honey

Half a lemon

Add water and blend well… I added the honey just because watercress can be a little strong and peppery in taste, and i didn’t want the smoothie to be bitter. The ingredients work really well together.

So there you have it a few healthy smoothies to detox and pack proteins on the go! Questions, suggestions let me know!

And have a happy summer!!!



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