Spice it up and Lose the Pounds!

Photo courtesy of taste.com.au

No I am not talking about “50 shades of Grey” kind of spice. Nope. I am talking about the tongue flaming, tears running, bloody hell what have I done to my food type of spiciness. YES! Hot hot hot. Ok I admit I am not a fan of hot foods, I am of the general idea that adding too much spice to your food makes it lose its real flavour, it spoils it – BUT there comes the but – after I moved to Houston and started hanging out with Mexicans I  realized that hot sauce and chillies are the day to day thing here. There is no escape from it… so I may as well embrace it.

I tried some vegetarian buffalo wings that blew the hell out of my taste buds. I realized thought that it also suppressed my appetite. So I did a little research and turns out that according to the “British Journal of Nutrition” people who included red peppers with their appetizer before lunch ate less during the meal and in their afternoon snacks. This is mainly due to Capsaicin, which is the spicy part of the pepper that may make you cry after making contact with your tongue. Apparently Capsaicin has been shown to slightly increase your metabolism, and act as an appetite suppressant.

Ha! Who knew! (Did you know? Cos I certainly didn’t) so you may want to consider including some spicy red peppers during your appetizer to reduce appetite, or add a few jalapenos on your early breakfast omelette – I am even considering making some experiments adding some peppers to my morning smoothie. Hey who knows it might work! ( I shall get back to you on that one) It is known that some Capsaicin pills are also available as a weight lost alternative but, I mean really? If you can get the good stuff fresh I say go for it, the real stuff! Not some processed, overly priced and synthetic pills.

Not convinced?  According to sources the “International Journal of Obesity” conducted a study related to capsaicin in 2005. “There was a greater calorie reduction in the people who orally consumed the spice in a glass of tomato juice with meals. [Oh! I see some potential to my smoothie idea] Participants who took the capsaicin pill with a glass of tomato juice decreased their calorie intake by 10 percent, and those who consumed capsaicin-spiked tomato juice decreased their calorie intake by 16 percent.” Ah! You see?

Well I guess I shall have to experiment for the sake of women around the world and our constant battle with weight. Bring it on! Spice it up and lose pounds…

P.S: perhaps adding spice to some other areas of your life ehem *wink wink* 50 shades of Grey style minus the submissive part, may also help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Happy spicing!!




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