Monster PBJ Food Review

So, I have been absent from the blog world.., but I am back! And I am back this time with a

Monster Truck at the Menil. Houston.

great review.

Let’s talk about food. Houston has been

seeing a proliferation of food trucks

popping out everywhere. Some love them,

some hate them. But there is one thing for

sure; they are here to stay (at least for a

season or two)

I heard a lot of buzz within the foodie community in Houston about a new food truck close

to everyone’s heart. Those little treats from childhood that remain  alive in your memory

all the way into adulthood. Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches!

Yes, there is “a food truck for that”.

also offers drinks and chips

Monster PBJ, a concept from couple and

entrepreneurs Jill & Bill. It combines

delicious local produced jams, nut butters

and breads to create a monsterlicious


Once upon a time, the story goes, Bill

wanted to have a food truck. Jill loved PBJ sandwiches, so good and loving Bill decided to

combine both and bam! Monster PBJ is born! I am sure that gave Bill a few brownie points

*Wink wink*

Monster PBJ  offers from the classic peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich to the


more couture Cashew butter, blueberry

jam and apples creations, among others.

They add an extra spin to their creations

by grilling in the gooey goodness of their


The result? An awesome combination of flavours delivered in just one bite.

Trust me, grill it! And if you feel daring add on. Peanut butter and strawberry jam is nice

BUT I promise that if you dare to try all the other possible combinations your taste

Mix & Match

buds will be very happy with you.

As you arrived at the very clean and neatly decorated

Monster truck you are greeted by Jake, (Hi Jake!!) self

proclaimed PBJ scientist, who is not only charming, but

an expert on the jam/jelly business. So if you are unsure

of what to try, you can count on him to guide you on the

right direction.

One of the things I love the must about Monster PBJ is

the interactive and participative feel of the experience as you get to “play” chef and create

your own combinations. They offer different sizes for all tummies – Junior, one slice of

bread cut in half; Classic two slices of bread like a regular sandwich and Monster, with 3

slices of bread like the British “double decker” sandwich. They are all-vegetarian, vegan-

friendly and offer gluten-free options.

Monster PBJ’s nut butters include peanut, cashew and almond and Nutella, Honey or

Agave as sweeteners. Is your mouth watering yet? They also have a variety of fresh fruit

that can be added to your treat. They kind of remind me to the famous “Elvis Sandwich”

which includes peanut butter, bananas and jam or honey (and for some, bacon too..eek!)

The purple Monster truck stops at the Menil Collection and the Health Museum on

Thursdays. They also stop at the Firkin and Phoenix on meatless Mondays. For more

information about their whereabouts check out their website at

If you do pay them a visit please let me know! And also let them know you learn about

them at my blog!

Happy eating!!


Jihane Rodriguez

Food truck reviews and suggestions? Send me an email

**all photos by Jihane Rodriguez


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