Houston Mobile Food Movement

“United we roll” is their catchy slogan as they join forces to fight for their rights.

Local entrepreneurs who conform the Houston Mobile Food Movement hosted an awareness event yesterday evening, Sep 23, 2012. in Downtown Houston. Together they are a stronger voice as they face the city council on upgrading regulations.

According to MFUHouston the Mobile Food industry has swept the nation over the last decade, and has grown within the US exponentially with approximately 3 million food trucks and more than 5million carts operating in 2011.

The MFUHouston are a collection of micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses who believe in fair and healthy competition. They are looking to upgrade the current Mobile Food Ordinance by the City Council, which has remained the same for many decades. Daniel Caballero, owner of the Good Dog food truck explained “we are not allowed to operate in the downtown area or the medical center because we carry propane tanks. The council sees this as a security issue” yet the food trucks are allowed anywhere else within the city limits, being Montrose area one of the most transited by MFUs.

Jennifer Diaz, owner of Porch Swing DessertsI can operate on those areas because I don’t carry a propane tank, but i have to be on a private area”. In other words only if the MFU is on a contract with a local organization or company for a particular event. Porch Swing Desserts does no cooking on board, as all the goods are baked daily on a separate location.

By the looks of it Houston loves its Food Trucks. The event was ram packed with people of all ages and backgrounds. Big and small, tall and short they showed their support by grabbing a bite yesterday at the MFU awareness event. The question that remains to be answered is, will they be able to get as many signatures to pass the proposed changes?

Proposed ordinance changes:

Lift the current LP restrictions in the District of Limitations 1:
Allow up to 40lb. LP tank + private property access.

Requires changes to LSB standard 10, section 10.3.1

One Liquid Propane (LP) permit to cover multiple locations.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.10.2

Eliminate 60-foot distance between trucks.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.11.12 and amendment to City Ordinance No. 2006-826

Ability to park next to existing seating.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

Allow units to provide their own seating, limited to 3 tables & 6 chairs.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

To sign the petition online visit: http://www.change.org/petitions/houston-city-council-support-the-proposed-mobile-food-unit-ordinance-changes

47,173 NEEDED (on Sep 24th, 6:00 p.m local time)



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