Facebook and the Mayan Prophecy

Photo by Jihane Rodriguez

Houston, TX. 2012

So Facebook goes down and it’s the end of the world. Twitter was inundated by tweets about how people were freaking out due to the lack ofFacebook. Some very well put jokes about how humanity [sarcasm alert] would be unable to help hungry African babies and cancer patients by “liking” photos surfaced on twitter. Other joked…

@YourAnonNews “Facebook… Gmail… well played #Mayans… well played”

@WelshDalaiLama “Facebook is down. Where am I going to get my daily dose of vague, attention seeking statuses that invite responses like “U ok hun lol x?”

@CollegeProblem twitted “ Facebook is down just when I wanted to conitue putting off studying for finals”

Wow… the power of Facebook. So we are a collective society of world-wide sharers plugged to the uterus of Facebook and in need of its constant feed of information.

So what happened with the Internet today?

This is my fictional “X Files meets Doctor Who” theory. Please note the word FICTIONAL, as in pure imagination going wild by the lack of oxygen, I mean Facebook, to my already hyper active caffeine-free imagination. This is my story…

Remember the meteor that crashed somewhere in Texas last week? – Large Fireball Event Over Central Texas 2/1/2012 @ 20:00 CST, The American Meteor Society has received over 125 witness reports about a large fireball spotted over central texas. According to the same agency, it happened again – The American Meteor Society has received over 100 reports of a bright meteor that occurred near 06:45  CST on Friday December 7, 2012. Brightness estimates of this fireball vary considerably, but the average lies near magnitude -20, which lies between the full moon and the sun.

NASA and many other notorious scientific correspondents tried to minimize the media impact of these phenomenon by saying it was just an early manifestation of the meteor shower due sometime soon. Umm meteor shower, how many more will make it then?

My theory? Worldwide contamination by micro-organisms embedded within the layers of alien rock. Yes, and as always, USA being the centre of the Universe and all, of course it is the meteor, or meteors that land in American soil – in the very own land of opportunity – United States of America, the one that contain the precious outer space cargo.  Alien micro-organisms survived the otherwise deadly journey frozen in the deep cracks of ice and rock. Far deep in there they were able to survive the abrasive high temperatures and ultimately the crash against our earthy terrain.   Once here these micro-organisms were released into the atmosphere and crawled into our digital global network known as the Internet.  Yes! Cos everyone knows (especially Aliens) that world domination starts by collapsing access to social networks and by monitoring humanity silently. Every Facebook status update, every picture uploaded, every little LIKE, and comment straight into their motherboard. Straight into their advanced minds.

Bang! WORD DOMINATION conquistador style!  Mayan prophecy fulfilled!

Big Brother is watching….




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