French Band Lys Wows crowd at French Fest, Houston.

Lys, at Discovery Green. French Cultures Festival.Picture by Alejandro Montoya
Lys, at Discovery Green. French Cultures Festival.Picture by Alejandro Montoya

By Jihane Rodriguez

Houston, TX – French rock/alternative band Lys, came to Houston.

The French Cultures Festival kicked off last Friday, May 8th, 2013 with an informal free concert at the Discovery Green.  French musicians Lys, The Tontons, The Revelers and Kirby-Sur-Seine enchanted visitors with their music, along side hot crepes served by Sweet Paris.

But the star of the night was Lys.

Lys originated in Rennes, France, and it was first spotted in London by Steve Hewitt (drummer & songwriter in the multi million selling PLACEBO).

Their melancholic lyrics are all written by Niko, the lead singer and the mastermind behind the band. “I started creating songs in my home studio” said Niko when we interviewed them at the Marriott Courtyard during their stay in Houston. “I have changed band members many times”. The project has been taking shape for the last 5 years and they have just released their first album. Currently Lys is touring in France #GoYourOwnWay tour, which is why they are only in the USA for 10 days, visiting Houston for the French Cultures Fest and Austin for the SXSW next week.

“It was a great crowd” Niko said, referring to the Discovery Green Event. They remain humble and wishful, just hoping to stand out in the music scene. Niko also said that Steve Hewitt had a huge influence in their music, “He helped us sound better” referring to his awesome English pronunciation while singing his tunes. Yet the main idea behind the nature of his music didn’t change.

In 2011 the band has won a first album recording thanks to the label Warner Music France (BB Brunes, Archive…), produced by Steve Hewitt himself and mixed by Paul Corkett (The Cure, Placebo, Bjork, Fiction Plane, Nick Cave, Radiohead & many others …) and as for now they don’t have a record label in the USA which is why you can only find their CD on Itunes Europe, or in Europe per se.

Band members are Maxime (drums) Tony (Guitar) Mathilda (bass) and Niko (guitar, vocals and piano)

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2 thoughts on “French Band Lys Wows crowd at French Fest, Houston.

  1. I was sure that they were going to make a fantastic impression ! The secret of their success ? Passion, talent and humility ! They’re definitely go their own way !


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