Vegetarian on a Budget! Croquettes

So, here I am thinking ummm what to cook for dinner tonight? I open the fridge I see some fresh veggies and some containers with leftovers. I know! I’ll make some croquettes!

So here is what I found in my fridge:

– Left over lentil soup (lentils cooked in a vegetable stock, with onions, red peppers, carrots, and spices)

– Left over quinoa soup (quinoa cooked in a vegetable stock, with celery, onions, plantain chunks, and carrots)

– Spring Onion (2 stalks)

– Orange mini peppers (sweet, not spicy) x 1

– Fresh Baby spinach (chopped, 1 cup)

I drained the soups of any liquid and combined, smashing the vegetables (carrots, plantain) with a fork. I chopped the spring onions and pepper and added to the mix. Don’t add the baby spinach yet, as ill go mushy.

I also added:

– 3 table spoons of bread crumbs

– 1 table-spoon of flour (any type)

– 1 table-spoon of flax seed meal

– 2 table spoons of egg white

I combined all the ingredients and I ended up with a fairly consistent mixture. Then I added the chopped spinach.


I made small balls covering slightly in flour to prevent them from sticking and also to give it an extra crisp.



I stored the balls in the fridge for 15mins or so and then shallow fried them in olive oil.


And there you have it! Quinoa and Lentil Croquettes that don’t hurt the pocket and that your little vegetarian monster (or anyone) will love!






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