Little Cubes of Heaven (Frozen lollies)

Well, not quite lollies because they are cubes but hey! I was being creative and improvising lol. So this is the thing I wanted something sweet yet healthy. I had seen a Haagen Dazs Coconut Macaroon ice-cream at the supermarket earlier and instead of buying that I did my own light version of it.

These are not ice-cream like in terms of texture, they are more like frozen lollies or creamy ice cubes. I used:


A cup of Silk Coconut Milk (Vanilla)

Pomegranate (just a handful) or blackberries or any other fruit

two tea spoons of chia seeds

A dash of Stevia or any other sweetener.

A handful of Coconut flakes (unsweetened)

Also, you will need a silicone container or mould.

20131015-164304.jpgSo first I pour the chia seeds and allow them to soak on the milk for a few minutes.

Add the Stevia or sweetener of choice.

Add the coconut flakes, and the fruit. The fruit will sink so add as much as you want.


Pour over mould and pop into the freezer for a few hours.

Wait for it…

And after a few hours when set they will pop out the mould without a problem… and



And there you have it a healhty alternative for those moments in which you crave a little sweet treat. These little cubes are packed with Omega 3 and Protein (from the chia seeds) and antioxidants (from the pomegranate)


For more info on Silk Vanilla Coconut Milk visit  




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