New Kroger Marketplace Brings Variety to Kingwood, TX

I had the opportunity to attend as a blogger to the preview of the new Kroger Market Place in Kingwood Texas. This place is more than your average Kroger. The whole concept behind the Market Place facilities is that is has more than just food. The huge premises not only offer an amazing variety of local grown produce, such as Kingwood grown fresh coffee beans for coffee lovers, but also organic produce, baby apparel, Kitchen appliances, furniture and even a jewellers.


The New Kroger Market Place is a one stop destination for many needs, a concept that works particularly well in the USA. We are used to shops like this such as Target and Walmart, but the Kroger offers an experience a little more up-scale.  For starters it offers a steaming service for your lobsters. Yes! you can buy the fresh lobster out of the water and they will steam it for you while you do your shopping. Come on! It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Another unique feature is the Murrey’s Cheese stand. An impressive over the top island stands in the middle of a wide area. Cheese masters will be there at your dispose ready to help you decide which cheese is best for your culinary needs. Fancy!


Also a large selection of flowers and flower arrangements are available. Stunning colours for all needs and budgets can be purchased in store.

20131025-112824.jpgAnd my favourite area, the Natural Choices aisle. Yes! all organic and natural in one place. You don’t have to be jumping from one place to the other in the store. All the natural products are available in an impressive area of the store dedicated just for you! (or me, of anyone who loves natural choices) From chia seeds to almond milk, and freshly “make your own” peanut butter machines, this is without a doubt my favourite part of the store. Gluten free, dairy free, whole foods, baking products and all you can find it here, which means I don’t have to travel to mid-town Houston to find them any more!


20131025-112857.jpgAlongside they have a vast selection of locally grown fruit and veg, and organic produce, which include these amazing Sunburst Squash which I am dying to try!

20131025-112835.jpgAnd these super cute, tiny cauliflowers packed with nutrients! perfect eaten raw or steamed. (Raw cauliflower, with raw sweet corn and spinach make for an amazing salad)


On another note – yet a valuable one – is the impressive 600 beers and 1700 wines available in store. Specially important for the holiday season, if you can’t find what you are looking for there, honestly, I don’t know where you will. Also if you buy six bottles of wine you get a free wine carrier and 10% discount. Love that!


Kitchen appliances (featuring juicers and food processors) are also available, as well as a toy department and a milkshake machine to keep the little ones happy. And a Starbucks to keep others caffeine lovers happy (I am content with a chai tea latte, thanks)

I could go on and on all day about this store, I am genuinely impressed – and NO I did not get paid to write a review- I just love it when fresh, locally grown, organic and natural food choices come near me.

But don’t just take my word for it! Go check it out in Kingwood, Northpark and 59. Opens Saturday.





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