Avocado King!

Super foods are in vogue lately. And for a good reason, at last some are awakening and realizing the importance of the food we put in out mouth. Food is more than just fuel, food determines the way in which your body functions – in the same fashion as cars really.

In this particular post I want to talk about Avocado. I wasn’t a huge fan of avocado before, but I have learned to love it. The Avocado is such a versatile fruit/vegetable. It’s creamy consistency makes it an excellent aid for many vegetarian dishes as it can give dishes the same texture as cream cheese.


The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree native to Mexico and Central America, classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceae along with cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. The oldest evidence of avocado use was found in a cave located in Coxcatlán, Puebla, Mexico, that dates to around 10,000 BC. Nevertheless the avocado tree also has a long history of cultivation in Central and South America.

The word “avocado” comes from the Spanish aguacate which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word āhuacatl [aːˈwakat͡ɬ] which goes back to the proto-Aztecan *pa:wa with the same meaning. In some countries of South America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay, the avocado is known by its Quechua name, palta. And in other Spanish-speaking countries it is known by the Mexican name and in Portuguese it is abacate.

Avocado King

One of the most nutrient-dense foods, avocados are high in fibre and Potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. It is also rich in the powerful carotenoid anti-oxidants lutein and zeaxanthin as well as vitamin E (tocopherol). According to Dr. David Jockersin his article “The anti-aging superfood avocado” These anti-oxidants decrease oxidative stress and allow for a healthier cellular environment.

“Avocados are one of the best anti-aging foods that prevent wrinkles and skin aging. The D-manno-heptulose sugar that is found in avocados has been shown to improve the skin epidermis by boosting collagen formation. Avocados also contain specific amino acids and carotenoid anti-oxidants that reduce age spots, soothe inflammation and heals scars and burns.” 

Dr. David Jockersin

Also the mono-unsaturated fat in avocados known as oleic acid,  is said to  help lower cholesterol. One study found that after seven days on a diet that included avocados, there were significant decreases in both total and LDL cholesterol as well as an 11 percent increase in the “good” HDL cholesterol.

The “super” impressive health benefits of eating avocados regularly have encouraged me to adopt them as a new SuperFood.


Eat More Avocado

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