Food Choices & Parenting

So this is the thing, there is one thing about parenting (well, there’s many but hear me out) if you don’t have kids, don’t give me parenting advice. 

Uh huh, yes that’s the way I feel.

So I work hard to teach good values to my son, I concentrate on his nutrition and his lifestyle choices because I want the best for him. I believe the best for him is to be informed, so at his young age (8 years old) he knows where food comes from, and what is what. He has always been vegetarian by choice I have never ever told him not to eat meat, nor animal products. In fact he isn’t fully vegetarian he does eat/drink dairy and chicken as well as fish. He just isn’t fan of red meats, pork, other poultry, etc.

Anyway I have told my child that McDonalds is not a safe option. Most of its food is full of crap, lacks nutritional value and its loaded with sodium and other not so great ingredients. Their chicken nuggets are nothing but a combination of pink slime and flour. Therefore as from last year we banned McDonalds. We do other fast foods… ok we do only Chick Fil A occasionally, but hey that counts.

I have given my son the knowledge and the capacity to decide whether something is healthy or not. If he is out and about with someone else but me, and he really wants a “Happy Meal” he is by all means free to decide.

But, here is the beauty of it all. My son was with my mother. She picked him up from afterschool daycare and he said he was really hungry and wanted to go to Chick Fil A. Since McDonalds was closer my mother offered him McDonalds to which he declined and explained why. “McDonalds is not healthy, and it has yucky food” *proud grin* so my mother took him to get his Chick Fil A.

It was his choice.

So I tell this anecdote to a friend mostly because I am proud of my parenting skills (at least on this subject) and he says “but why do you do that to him! He is only a kid… kids can eat McDonalds” “meals come with a toy!” – say what? First, no. It is not ok for kids, it is not ok for anyone, it is maybe ok for your dog! OK! Second, do not question my parenting decisions. Third… NO! LOL and as far as for the toy Chick Fil A gives out books and board games with their meal, yes, far more useful than a plastic little toy.

I am wrong here? I am not a food Nazi, my kid is free to eat meat (yet he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t like the idea of killing animals nor the idea of dead meat, flesh and blood) he is free to eat cookies (and as a matter fact he eats too many of those) and ice-cream, and many other treats. But he is a healthy child, who rather drink a Mango Smoothie from Panera than an Icee from Target (even if he does have those occasionally)

I involve my child in cooking, so he knows where things come from. And he often asks me what is plant based and what’s not. He helps me from baking cookies to deseeding pomegranates (one of this favourite things to do.. . lol, easily amused like his mother I guess)

Anyway rant over. Am I wrong for giving my child the knowledge needed to make well thought eating decisions?

I don’t think so.




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