One Year on the Greener Side

20140508-210311.jpgYay! so I just realized its been one year since I started changing my eating habits toward a healthier, greener, plantbased diet. I am not vegetarian (not completely, I still consume eggs and chicken,fish, seafood) but I have been trying to move slowly but surely to the greener side.

Being a vegetarian is not for everyone hence I don’t preach about it. It is a lifestyle, a personal choice and in the same way I don’t appreciate people lecturing me about my vegetarian options I don’t lecture people on why moving away from a meat based, animal by-product life isn’t a good idea. (Unless I am asked about it) During this whole year i have educated myself, read hundreds of books and studies and researches all available online (see The China Study) and I have reached a point in which I can say with confidence I know what I am talking about.

My son’s diet and mine include a wide range of fruit, veg, grains, leafy greens, and healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil)  We sure have fun eating and cooking. Nothing about it is boring at all, and I always make a point on educating my son on his choices and for him to know where food comes from. He is free to decide which way to go, but after all it was him with his compassionate spirit who decided not to eat meat (only chicken and seafood)

20140508-210240.jpgI have never felt more alive and full of energy than now. I feel clean from inside out and my skin, hair and nails are happy (my tummy is happy too) and as they say in Spanish “Barriguita llena, corazon contento” ( a happy tummy is a happy heart)

20140508-210222.jpgSo anyway Happy One Year on the Greener Side to me! here is to many more green smoothies, lettuce wraps, quinoa salad and chia seed puddings! In life do whatever makes you HAPPY!



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