Aloha, Dried Green Juice

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Say Aloha to Health…

A few months back I came across Aloha, a green juice that comes in dry form. The little dry powder sachets are very convenient specially when on the move, travelling or on a busy schedule. I try to do a green juice everyday but let’s face it isn’t easy sometimes.

Aloha says to…

– Detoxify and help balance weight

– Improve and tightest skin

– Keeps energy Up and hydrates

– Boosts immune system


The only downside is that on its own it doesn’t taste nearly as good as a freshly made green juice. But you can customize by mixing in Aloha into your favourite smoothie or juice. Aloha will provide a boost to your regular drink, without making a significant impact on taste.  Add Aloha to your Pineapple, Spinach Green Juice or to your Lemon, Cucumber water and your tummy and body will be happy with you for the rest of the day!

While on the go, road trip or travel, mix with coconut water for a better taste, or even with fresh orange juice. On its own Aloha can feel kind of powdery and grainy, so mix well.

Aloha’s Ingredients include: Spirulina, Spinach, Peas, wheatgrass Juice, Coconut Water, Lemon, Hawaiian Yellow Ginger, 3 types of mushrooms (Enoki, King Trumpet and Oyster) and Hawaiian Red Aleae Salt. How is that for a morning BOOST!

You can get a sample visiting but make sure you cancel a subscription immediately after you receive your sample if you don’t want to end up paying $40 a month. (if you love it hey go for it!,  but if you only want the sample be weary)




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