Repurpose Spring, and Fall into Autumn with IKEA

So spring is far gone, does that mean you can’t keep your gardening herbs on? No, it certainly doesn’t! I keep a healthy basil going all year long and I have been able to do so both while living in England and in the USA.
Looking for some alternatives to indoor herb gardening I found a fantastic little product. IKEA Socker Greenhouse in white ($19.99) provided by IKEA for the purposes of this blog post. (Thank you IKEA)


The IKEA Socker Greenhouse is small and versatile, perfect or the urban gardener. Easy to assemble and small enough to be part of a small kitchen or windowsill. You can fit around 4 medium size pots, or you can have one medium-big and two small like I did here. It is the perfect way to keep your herbs and small plants cozy during the colder autumn days. You can also open the vents to let air circulate for warmer days. I am in love with it! so versatile it works for both Spring and Fall.


Keep your eyes open for a Halloween Greenhouse post coming soon!

Planting: I planted a small Stevia plant, yes Stevia the one used for the making of the much more popular Stevia sweetener. You can add Stevia leaves to your drinks, crush them slightly and add a lovely natural and tangy flavor to your beverages. Another great herb to have (not pictured here) is sweet mint, also very delicious when added to water or drinks. You can also make a delicate tea for  or for those colder days by infusing the mint leaves in hot water.


I also planted basil because i simply love basil even if its more of a summer herb. I use it all year round! the amazing aroma enhances anything with cheese, or tomatoes in it. It is very easy to look after basil I have had so many basil plants all sprouting amazing leaves and flowers all year round, definitely a must have! specially for new herb gardeners since its so easy to manage basil. And last but not least I planted some Aloe Vera. I bought an aloe vera at the start of summer and it has grown so much that I repotting and maybe using as Thanks Giving Presents for close friends. (will post about that too!) Aloe Vera can be used for many purposes from face treatments, burn treatments to digestion aid. Aloe Vera is one of those things that you should always have in my opinion, besides it is very low maintenance, easy to keep up with.

IMG_7080So there! there are many seasonal fruit and veg that can be planted during early fall. Keep your eyes open for lovely red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, chives, butternut squash, and beets this fall! umm did anyone said recipe ideas time? Oh yes I can savor them all already.

IKEA Socker Greenhouse Product info:

Product dimensions
Depth: 8 ¾ ”
Height: 13 ¾ ”
Width: 17 ¾ ”

Depth: 22 cm
Height: 35 cm
Width: 45 cm
IKEA toll-free phone order number: (800) 434-IKEA (4532)
IKEA web site address:
*Other materials used for this picture found at Michael’s.
This blog is not sponsored by Michael’s 

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