Wine O’Clock with K-J AVANT

So, I love wine. Everyone that knows me knows (or should know!) I love wine. I grew up around people enjoying wine with Sunday lunch, at gatherings, and at parties – wine simply was the drink of choice. My maternal grandfather (my grand-père) was from Chile, and if there is one thing they know in Chile, it is their wines.

I am not much of a drinker, but when I do go out for a Girls Night Out in town, or for a romantic dinner with the Mr., I always end up with a glass of wine. I prefer whites: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay – perhaps a rose now a then – and when it’s cold outside, I definitely go for a bold red wine. However, since going mostly vegetarian, I find whites complement my meals better. See, during my teen years I learned not only about food and table etiquette, but also how to pair wines with food and for that I am forever grateful (thank you Mum & Dad).

White meats such as chicken and pork go with white wine. Rose wine goes with white meat, salads, and pastas. Red meats such as veal and beef go with red wine.

Sweet wines are for dessert, and champagne is for celebrations and toasting.


Lovely, strong, bold reds were my favourite during cold winter days in England. Both red and white sangrias in the south of Spain complemented the flavors of the crispy calamari with aioli sauce. And the delicate and crisp rose elevated the lightly toasted bruschetta with fresh pomodori and pesto in Capri, Italy. Oh the wonders of wine and food never cease to amaze me!


Recently I was introduced to Kendall-Jackson winery, more specifically to their K-J AVANT wines. They include a Chardonnay, a Red Blend and a Sauvignon Blanc, all of which were provided by Kendall-Jackson winery for the purposes of this post.


I have been taken by surprise, not only by the pleasant flavours but also by the affordable prices for such a good blend of wines. I shall be writing different posts about how to pair your wine with dishes, how to use wine for cooking, and my favorite K-J AVANT wine (review) the next few weeks. I just wanted to introduce you all not only to my devotion to wine but to the K-J AVANT wines.

How about you? Which is your favourite wine?



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