DIY Metallic Mason Jars

Crafty time! omg so I am obsessed with Mason Jars. I love how versatile they can be and how they add that unique vintage touch to anything. So I decided to make them a little different, and add as an accent to an already vintage kitchen.

This is super easy to do. Simply buy spray paint in your color of choice ( I got mine at Michael’s for about $7) I went with silver for this project because the kitchen is gray and white. Make sure you clean and dry your mason jars or any other glass containers that you wish to use. Once you get confortable with the idea you can even make patterns by using tape on your mason jar.


This time I wanted a clean silver finish so I just sprayed the paint and done! took less than 10 mins from start to finish.

Make sure you apply from afar so that the paint is uniform and doesn’t drip down the sides. Apply as many coats as needed, I applied two coats to each jar.


And Ta-Da! metallic mason jars. You can use them as flower pots or simply as a stand alone statement on a windowsill or above a chimney. Or even as center pieces at a baby shower or Country wedding.  The possibilities are endless! you can also repurpose old jars or buy new ones. I used an old bottle of Cream Soda as well as mason jars.


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