Wood Project Weekend

This weekend my boyfriend (who will I refer as Captain Red Beard from now on lol) and I decided we would do some little wood projects since the weather was so bad around here (this is Texas we don’t usually get cold, miserable, rainy days). So off we went to Home Depot and grabbed wood (pine and cedar) 4 different types of wood stain, a few boxes of mason jars and other handy dandy stuff. Of course our projects were Pinterest inspired which is why I like to say we spent the weekend “Pinteresting.”

IMG_9730We made a Magnetic Mason Jar Spice Rack for which we used pine wood, magnets, mason jars and a gray tint to make the wood look “old” giving it a drift away wood look.  I must say this was a super cool way of spending some quality time together while building more than just a fantastic spice rack in the process.


I learnt how to sand wood down which I had never done before (yay to new skills learnt) and i also learnt to stain wood. I ended up really liking the staining process and to see the wood completely change by such a simple step. More importantly  I got to see my Captain Red Beard’s skills in action. One thing is to know what he can do, and another is to see him craft which such ease and mastery. Working with wood and creating a new thing out of a blank canvas is a fantastic skill. Oh! and last but not least,  and I was awarded my very own tool belt/pouch thing ⭐️ I feel pro (ish) lol.


After some research, we decided to use a magnetic primer on the wood to make the spice rack more well, magnetic, but it did not work as expected. The primer didn’t add enough hold for the mason jars to stay in place, so we discarded that idea, which was a bit of a blow because it would have been cool for it to work. Imagine the possibilities if that worked as we thought! magnetic walls to hold utensils and kitchen knives, magnetic walls int he office to hold notes without the need of a board… of my! but no… did not work. If you managed to make it work please let me know. We love all things vintage and antique and spend quite a good amount of time looking at and for little treasures both to keep and sell. So it made sense to go with a gray tint for this project.

We also made a Mason Jar Bathroom organizer which I am in love with. It makes the bathroom look so much cleaner and organized while adding some character. We paired with a heavy old mirror, with an elaborate golden frame to complete a missed-matched funky look. I like it, you don’t have to, lol.


For the Bathroom Organizer we used mason jars, hose clamps and hard wood (cedar) along with a darker wood tint called Provincial. We took the lids off the jars to made them “open top” and we used hose clamps to attach them to the wood. Then the whole thing was mounted on the wall.


Overall it was a fun yet productive way to spend a rather wet wintery weekend. Here are some more pics just because I feel like sharing (and I want people to believe me when I say I helped.. haha)


OnixJ & Captain Red Beard.


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