Pizza Waffles: Easy Dinner Idea!

Hello internet people! So I’ve been looking for more, better, homemade healthy dinner ideas lately and I came across this brilliant idea. What can be better than Pizza or waffles? well Pizza Waffles! these little babies are so easy, and so tasty – and most importantly kid approved.

All you need:

Waffle Maker

Pilsbury Biscuits (flaky ones)

Marinara sauce (one tea spoon per biscuit)

Grated Cheese ( I used a pizza blend with mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar)

Fresh Basil cut into little pieces

…and you can add mini pepperoni if you like, we left ours meat free.

How to:

This is so easy and can be done in minutes. You can even get your little chefs to help you out. Open the biscuits in half and fill with 1 tea spoon of marinara sauce, cheese, and fresh basil, then cover up with the other half and put it in the middle of the (hot) waffle maker for about 4mins. You will hear it sizzle a lot because of all the scrumptious cheese melting.

IMG_2341Pop it out of the waffle maker and done! we served outs with a micro green and cherry tomatoes salad. Dinner is never been this easy!

Pizza Waffle night any one?



5 thoughts on “Pizza Waffles: Easy Dinner Idea!

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