Everything is Awesome! Legoland Florida

Last week we went to Florida! yes, my son and I packed our travel legos and went to the “mother house”… Legoland Florida!


The park is far away in what seems the middle of nowhere in comparison to the Disney Empire and the Universal Parks complex. Legoland is located half way between Tampa and Orlando. The road is ok though but it takes a while to get there so make sure you pack in car entertainment for your little ones.

Parking is same price as Disney, at $17 a day. We did the two park combo (water park and general park) in two days, and I kind of wish we had done it in one day. It is possible to do it as the waterpark isn’t really that big (but fun) and in order to get to the water park you have to walk ALL the way through the general park, there is no other way around it.

The park is an awesome experience for Lego fans. You have an entire area dedicated to small cities made of Legos, it is amazing although clearly getting deteriorated by weather, some of the stuff has lost is color and looks a little meh but it is understandable. It still constitute and amazing work of art and dedication.

The rides are fun, kid friendly. A few rollercoasters, a cool laser tag and a sort of splash adventure in which you will get soaked (YOU WILL no matter what so if you don’t want to get soaked do not go to the Lego Chima ride). At the Pirate Cove there is a live action show that involves water stunts and water splashes which seems to be a favorite with kids. I mean who doesn’t like captain Brick Beard?


There is an indoor station (PERFECT, HEAVEN for hot summer days) in which you can try all Lego video games in different platforms (PS4, Wii, Xbox) and a place in which you can built your own little race car and test “drive” it against other people. We also saw some characters there (picture time!) get those cameras ready and snap snap snap!

There are plenty of eating options and I was very pleasantly surprised with the availability of vegetarian dishes. At the Market Place main restaurant they offer an asian veggie bowl/ with rice that was quite delicious! The burger place also offers spicy bean burgers. Salads are also an option available. I was a little sad however that there was no funnel cake anywhere! I mean really? for me Florida parks and funnel cake go hand on hand.


I also loved how all the benches in the park claim to be made of recycled materials! So this park hit all the environmentally friendly and vegan friendly marks with me. So everything is awesome! (pun intended)


The park has many stores thought the entire place with different options of Legos and Lego related merchandise. The main shop at the entrance called “The Big Shop” is without a doubt the one with more variety. You can also find a minifig store in which you can make your own mini figures, and a brick shop in which you can buy bricks by the pound. I was sad we were unable to use or gain any Lego VIP points though, you would think that of all places this will be the place to earn points. So boo for that! The Lego store has cool stuff from Lego toy sets to clothing and Lego inspired kitchen supplies

IMG_5181The Water Park


The water park area is a different park, so you need to purchase a separate ticket for this site if you wish to visit it. It isn’t really that big but is very fun! specially on a super hot day!. The lazy river with oversized Lego bricks floating are the best part (if you ask me, my son might differ) There is also an area for the little ones, and a much adventurous area with slides and buckets for the bigger ones.

There is a beach with a lego island in the middle, and two big slide/rides for which kids need to be at least 48″. Food options are a little limited but still available with just one restaurant in the area. Lockers can be rented for an affordable price too.

Legoland was all we expected! if you have kids ages 2-15 you and them will enjoy this park. It is a little overpriced at $89 for general entry BUT a year pass is only $10 more bucks and… there are other options like a multipass including entry to other locations in Orlando.

Until next adventure… 🙂


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