Wildling Red Wine

Wildling Wine was one of our amazing sponsors at our recent Houston Latina Bloggers event this past Saturday. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet, mingle and greet an amazing group of dedicated women passionate about their heritage, their blogs and their community. From mommy bloggers to foodies, to fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. Seasoned and new bloggers congregated at Thinking Girls Boutique in Houston to enjoy an evening of networking perfectly paired with a glass of red wine.

FullSizeRender 3
I had never tried Wildling Wine before and boy was I missing out! Wildling is an Australian wine designed for the modern and mysterious. As its name suggests this wine It is not for the faint-hearted! No, this wine is robust, strong and sophisticated.

Wildling red blend hits your pallet with a fantastic raspberry bang! followed by subtle vanilla undertones. On each sip, you get an explosion of flavour in your mouth that ends with a hint of coffee and chocolate flavours.

“Wildling is the most challenging, yet rewarding of wines for me to blend. Crafting it from some of our finest resources ensures each variety provides a unique and complementary role to the final wine. I see Wildling excite and inspire wine lovers the world over. As something we like to drink, enjoy sharing and a wine we know is always going to suit the very best of occasions.”


wildling copy

Like all red wines, Wildling pairs best with red meats. I personally don’t eat red meats (On my vegetarian journey) but that doesn’t mean I can’t find a perfect pair for a glass of Wildling red wine. Want to know a divine match made in heaven? Dark Chocolate. Oh yes! I used Wildling to make a spicy and warm glass Mulled wine, perfect for the holiday season. I had one of Crumble & Co’s out of this world dark chocolate macaron. OH MY! Bliss into happiness!

You can also use this wine to make a red sangria and impress your friends over for dinner! have fun with it, mix and explore, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Just remember drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive. And if you do try Wildling Wine do let me know what you think. Tag me on Instagram (@onixjihane) with your best wine selfie!

For more information on Wildling Wine visit WildlingWine

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