I don’t Have a Problem with Saying Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!


I really don’t get the fuss. Happy Holidays! just flows out of my mouth without a problem. Perhaps because I consider myself multicultural therefore saying Happy Holidays feels just as normal as being bilingual.

Perhaps because I simply don’t see the point on getting angry for something so minuscule, I mean I am after all still wishing you happy times! I am wishing you to have joy and laughter during whichever it is that you celebrate during this time of the year. WHAT is the problem with that?

I was born in England (no, not London but England) Born to Hispanic immigrants in the UK, I soon learned what being in between two cultures meant. I have lived both in England and in South America. I have been in direct contact with people from all over the world (Italians, Spaniards, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese) they are all PEOPLE just like you and I. Humans with cultures, languages, customs, hopes, dreams, likes. We are ONE. HUMANS. Five years ago I moved to United States.  Oh, United States! the land of opportunity, the land of the free (and lately)… the land of the easily offended (watch someone getting offended by this and telling me to go back home if I don’t like it)

You see, being multicultural opens your mind. Being multicultural can be like a superpower that allows you to see the bigger picture. From a young age I was able to understand that the way we did things at home was not the only way, was just one way of many. Being multicultural you learn about acceptance, you learn about diversity and you learn about respecting other people’s culture. There is no bigger nonsense than those small minded individuals who say  “you are in America, speak ENGLISH” oh yeah? are you forgetting that  ALL of you are the direct result of immigrants? (unless you are of Native American descent in which case, hey! Kudos to you original Americans) Also, if you want to know so badly what other people are saying (not at you, not to you, not about you but around you) how about you learn their language?

When I first came to America I had no idea this would be an issue. I had no idea religion would be so embedded in society, culture and politics. Two days ago a saw a picture making its rounds in social media. It was about a local Sheriff  who had decided to add a little note to the “Welcome to *insert town here*” road sign. Yes, he thought it would be appropriate and perhaps cool to say ” We say Merry Christmas, and God bless America here. If you are offended by that then LEAVE”

wow… really?

The worse part was not just what the sheriff did. The was part was how so many celebrated his acts. Hell yeah! Murica! *rolling eyes*


When did we become so intolerant of others? When did we (and by we, I mean they) decide it was OK to shun others away just based on their religion? are we EVER going to learn from our mistakes? I bet your great-great-great grandad was thinking just that when he emigrated to America all those decades ago in search of a land in which he could celebrate his religion without being prosecuted.

And I mean if you want to say Merry Christmas instead, then go for it. I doubt someone will be like “well, you know really I am Jewish so no” No. that won’t happen. You know how I know it won’t? Because I am used to being the minority, and we minority know when to simply smile and be kind.

… And that is exactly what saying Happy Holidays represent, kindness.

So forgive me, my intolerant friend. Forgive me for being open-minded, and kind. Forgive me for accepting that there are other cultures, other religions, other beliefs, other people aside me. Forgive me while I say HAPPY HOLIDAYS.




3 thoughts on “I don’t Have a Problem with Saying Happy Holidays

  1. We are a country obsessed with the minuscule because the marco-problems scare the shit out of us. Smh. I always want to apologize for my fellow Americans, but also know that your view points here are mine as well, and those of many other Americans I know. Unfortunately, the crazies get the press. 🙂 Happy Holidays. Cheers to tolerance, patience, and the ability to see past the minuscule.


  2. Having a multicultural background opens up your heart and mind to new horizons. I feel blessed to have understood different experiences from a wide variety of perspectives. Ladies Prism is coming soon to romance the world. Scotian Breeze is the movement, and Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; stay tuned.


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