Sustainable Apparel and Power of the Millennial Consumer

Recently I started thinking more and more about sustainable apparel. I want to do a line of T-shirts for the millennial woman. I know, it’s been done (a lot) but it is something that is making (business) sense in my gut and heart.  I started doing some research and came across a few fantastic brands.

First let’s talk about sustainability. What is sustainability?

sus·tain·a·ble səˈstānəb(ə)l/

adjective 1.

able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
“sustainable fusion reactions”
Sustainable apparel by creating clothing that is durable, comfortable, and great looking. – Econscious

In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development created a definition for sustainability. It reads: “To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  Sustainability recognizes that the planet’s resources are not infinite and that if we want to be responsible stewards of the earth, we have to use those resources wisely.

By making conscious decisions not only about what we eat but also about what we consume, we can help the world for future generations. The green millennial consumer is more in touch with the needs of the environment and is tuning in with nature demanding more and better products that are not only good in quality but ethical in essence.

I constantly look for more products that are in sync with my principals. Brands are understanding this consumer shift and are making more and better efforts to provide sustainable and organic products. Social responsibility is also an important part of the mix. Treating people fairly, honestly, and ethically is at the core of social responsibility. Brands that treat their employees fair and right are on high demand nowadays.

Our founders have decades of experience in internationally-successful clothing companies, and are among the pioneers of organic apparel.  This knowledge has enabled us to create the finest quality products using carefully sourced organic and sustainable fibers. econscious has established a market-based approach to sustainable manufacturing, working closely with our supply chain, treating workers fairly, and eliminating the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. – Econscious

During the next few posts, I will be talking about organic cotton, sustainable apparel, and how some brands are using social entrepreneurship to provide amazingly well done and sustainable textiles in the USA.

On this first blog post of the series, I want to talk about sustainability. To do so, I will be featuring Econscious

Econscious serves the growing market for organic and sustainable apparel by creating clothing that is durable, comfortable, and great looking.

From their web page:

econ2 copy

“It takes one-third of a pound of fertilizers and pesticides to produce the average cotton t-shirt. By working exclusively with organic farmers, we can keep millions of pounds of chemicals out of the environment, which has a positive impact on watersheds, wildlife, and humans. Organic farming also has a global warming correlation; chemicals are manufactured and transported using fossil fuels, and organic farmers use less water.

Ecological sustainability is perhaps most directly expressed in agriculture. We all have to be fed, clothed, and sheltered every day. Agricultural products – from our farms and forests – are all around us. By educating ourselves and making conscious choices about what we consume, we can join a worldwide movement towards a safer, cleaner, and healthier world.”


Their clothing line includes Hemp and Organic cotton. They sell women and men Tees, polos and sweatshirts and offer custom and private labeling. If you, like me, are considering having your own line of T-shirts you can opt for having Econscious as your textile provider. By doing so, you have a guarantee that your final product has not been manufactured by child labor and that all steps along your supply chain are sustainable and organic verified.

Being successful and having a social conscience are mutually supportive goals. Respecting human rights, and striving for fairness, respect, and justice are values that enrich our lives as well as the health of our company. – Econscious

Econscious has provided a sample Tee for women, size M in color Wasabi. I will be giving away this Tee to my readers upon participation! Enter bellow for your chance to win, and discover the awesomeness of organic & sustainable apparel.


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9 thoughts on “Sustainable Apparel and Power of the Millennial Consumer

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you want to do an organic, sustainable line of clothing for women! And, it doesn’t matter if it’s been done — with fashion, you always put your unique twist on the clothing line, and that’s what people love.


  2. I appreciate if a product is organic more than one that’s not organic, but I’m not yet in a situation where I’d pay a lot of extra $$ for the organic product. Maybe once I’m in a better financial state.


    1. yes! I am on you on that one. Hopefully soon technology and the economy will make it possible for the common consumer (such as me or you, or many moms I know) to consume organic at a more affordable price.


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