Millennial Man Series: Mountaineer Brand Made in USA

So yes, it is the 2016 and guess what? the modern, millennial, trendy man of today isn’t afraid of looking good. Looking good means, extra grooming care, especially if you have a beard.

Beards have become a trendy subject, and keeping it soft and shiny is one of men and their women main concern. I know! My dude has a beard and I don’t want any scratchy hair against my face lol. So, we did some research, and I say we because well, this time, it is up to him to try and test. We came across a brand that seemed to have everything we were looking for; natural, made locally, designed for men. The Mountaineer Brand. 

brand copy

Mountaineer Brand was founded in 2013 by Eric Young,  the idea was born after Eric struggled to find quality beard care products at a price that he could easily work into his already tight budget.

Mountaineer Brand is dedicated to bringing our high-end, 100% natural products to the market at a price the average wage earner can afford.

Mountaineer Brand claims to use only first-grade, 100% natural ingredients and never artificial ingredients, chemicals, or fragrance. Our beard oil comes in two-ounce bottles, which are often twice the size of most beard oils. All I can say is after we tried them, I can guarantee the high and unique quality of their oils. I am no newbie to oils, as I have used and worked with natural oils for my face and hair before (coconut and argan are my absolute favorite)  I also really like how Mountaineer Brand products are  presented in a humble and unsophisticated way, which works perfectly with the male understated need for personal care products. Mountaineer looks and feels manly.


They offer beard oils, beard shampoos, and washes, waxes and balms, lip butter, shaving & grooming supplies. Their selection is well thought and prepared with men needs in mind. As a woman I tend to overlook these needs, we (women) use so many products every year, and in many households men simply use what us (women) have for our own personal care, but keep in mind next Valentines that your fur face love could benefit from using his very own products, just beware of the extra bathroom grooming time ;). For a full look of their products  ::Click Here::

foto copy
Photo Courtesy of Mountaineer Brand


So Mountaineer Brand provided us with their Handmade in West Virginia Beard Oils. With 100% natural oils and essential oils, this beard oil absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth, soft feel with a subtle shine. Great for taking care of that itchy, dry, flaky skin underneath.

Recommended: Rub 3-4 drops (more for a large beard) and massage into your dry beard then groom as usual. Use daily or anytime you want that fresh, clean beard feeling.

Verdict: The oil is light and smooth, which gives a soft result without resulting in a sticky, oily mess. Hair is manageable and looks shiny, yet not oily. The scents are musky and manly, very herb like – which we particularly like, but we like natural, chemical free scents anyway. The Mr. approved and I, as the one that has to put up with his face approve too! Our favorite was the Coal scent.

The Mr.


We were also had the chance to try their lip balms.

Lip balm

  • .5 ounce Twist Top Tin
  • Handmade from 100% Natural Beeswax
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E to moisturize
  • Soothes and protects delicate skin
  • Prevents over-drying and cracking in harsh climates

Mountaineer Brand lip balms are handmade with 100% natural beeswax and oils that soothe and heal. This lip balm is made with simple, natural ingredients that will condition and protect even in the harshest of climates. Antioxidant Vitamin E to moisturize and Aloe to soothe. I personally loved peppermint one because I am obsessed with peppermint oil! I love how it is non-greasy yet smooth. My least favorite was licorice because it was a bit strong, however I am not a fan of real licorice so it makes sense.

Last but not least, we tried their Granny Vicars Hand Salve. I am IN LOVE! It is thicker than applying a hand lotion, but it heals your dry skin in an instant! I am confiscating this one. It is mine! Handmade in West Virginia, Mountaineer Brand Hand Salve goes to work quickly, soaking deep into the skin to repair dry and damaged areas. It works great on hands, feet, or any overworked or dry area of the body. Botanically infused oils and aloe vera help to soothe, heal, and repair.

Granny Vicars Hand Salve

  • Large 4 Oz Tin
  • 100% Natural Oils, Beeswax, and Essential oils
  • Contains Botanically Infused Oils and Aloe Vera
  • Scent of Lavender with hints of Eucalyptus and Rosemary
  • Handmade in WV

ddd copy

Side Story: Granny Vicars lived in Roane County, WV in a house located on the family’s farm. In true Mountaineer spirit, Granny lived with no indoor plumbing or running water… nor did she have the desire to do so. This Appalachian medicine woman knew how to care for her family using only her own two hands and what the Earth and land had to offer.  ❤ 


Overall very impressed. The design, and execution of the products in on point. I believe they capture the essence of  manhood pretty well. Keeping it simple, yet delivering outstanding products, which, on a plus side are natural, chemical-free and green!

Don’t miss out more posts for the Millennial Man Series coming soon!

Jihane – OnixJ




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